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Durban Awning and Tent have been serving KwaZulu Natal since 1947, this already tells you that they are delivering a quality service. They manufacture quality custom awnings, tents, tarps, fabric covers, signs and graphics.

They use only the highest quality materials, expert craftsmanship and innovative technology to satisfy their clients requirements.

The bottom line is that they produce the highest quality products on the market today.

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Fall Arm Awnings
Fall Arm Awnings are well suited for use on windows, doors and archways, providing comfortable indoor conditions in the heat of summer and also protects furniture from the harsh sun's ray's.
PVC/Canvas Drop Blinds
PVC/ Canvas Drop Blinds gives that extra protection against sun, rain and wind. It has wide transparent windows that gives you clear outdoor views.
Restaurant awnings
Traditional restaurant awnings which are very versatile and can be used above windows, doors, balcony's and patios.